Friday, 20 July 2012

Collaboration: links and resources

I've put together a selection of the links about networks, collaboration and learning that I have found helpful

You Tube video RSA Power of Networks

I like these RSA animations.  This one is packed with lots of information about the ways in which our understanding of how knowledge has evolved from simple and structured ways of understanding to the interconnectedness all things - species, eco-systems, ideas and so on, - is helpful in underlining the power of networks and networked thinking.

Research report Social Media Garden

(Thanks to Tracy Gravesande, member of the Social Collaboration Community for sharing this).
  • It's a research study into social media at work
  • The research approach is as interesting as the study's findings
  • I liked the idea of reverse mentoring of senior leaders by younger people to help immerse them into social media practice and to experience its benefits
  • Or of senior managers not needing to be active users themselves but just needing to 'get it' and support the development of social media practice in their organisations 

Slideshare  Social Internet

Lots of useful insights about the social internet by Oscar Berg

Case study article

How Nokia achieved organisational dialogue via social media (thanks to Tony Reeves, member of Social Collaboration Community for sharing this)

It's an interesting case example of social media in practice. The job title of Human Resource Director, Community and Social Media is also of interest. It's useful to note that Nokia has recognised a need for such a role and to have placed the responsibility in HR. 

Book: The Collaborative Organization: A Strategic Guide to Solving Your Internal Business Challenges Using Emerging Social and Collabroative Tools  
Oscar Berg has interviewed the author Jacob Morgan in his blog 

A useful reminder by Donald Clark of the importance of note taking to enhance learning and the role of social media to share and amplify what's been learnt.

A nice list of do's and don'ts when connecting with others at work via social media by Andrew McAfee.  The comments section is as rich and helpful as the blog itself

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